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    LLM Projects Bootcamp Saturday 17th August, 2024 Nov 30th 4-months Meets every Saturday from 11 AM to evening.
    Advanced LLM Bootcamp Sunday 18th August, 2024 Dec 1st 4-months Meets every Sunday from 11 AM to evening.
    Introduction to AI: Neural Nets, LLMs, and Gen AI Tuesday 13th August, 2024 Nov 28th 4-months

    Twice weekly: every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7 PM to 9:30 PM

    MLOps and LLM-Ops Monday 12th August, 2024 Oct 4th 2-months Twice weekly, Monday and Tuesday evenings
    Fine-tuning techniques for Transformers & LLMs Monday 7th October, 2024 Nov 29th 2-months Twice weekly, Monday and Friday evenings
    AI Agents Thursday 15th August, 2024 Oct 7th 2-months Twice weekly, Thursday and Wednesday evenings
    Art & Craft of Prompts: Advanced Techniques Sunday 18th August, 2024 Oct 6th 2-months Meets every Sunday from 11 AM to evening.
    RAG to Riches: Advanced methods Sunday 13th October, 2024 Dec 1st 2-months Meets every Sunday from 11 AM to evening.
    Graph Neural Networks Thursday 10th October, 2024 Dec 2nd 2-months Meets every Thursday and Monday evenings.


    To register, please reach out by email to or call 1-855-LEARN-AI. We will confirm that you have the necessary background before you can register.

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Welcome to the Weekly Seminar at SupportVectors AI Lab, an invigorating space for professionals passionate about Artificial Intelligence! Our seminar, held both in-person at our Fremont, CA venue and online via Zoom, offers a unique opportunity for learning and discussion in the AI field. Here's what you can expect: Weekly Deep Dives into AI Research: Every Wednesday at 6 PM PST, we delve into the world of AI research, focusing on one or more papers that shed light on a specific topic. This isn't just a reading session; it's a journey through the intricacies of AI research. Expert Guidance: Each session is led by a knowledgeable discussion leader who meticulously explains the technical aspects of the paper. Complex mathematical methods and results are broken down to ensure they're easily graspable for most engineering professionals. Engaging Discussions: After the walkthrough, we open the floor for a vibrant discussion. Participants are encouraged to share their insights, ask questions, and explore the broader implications of the topic. This is a chance to voice your perspective and learn from others. A Community Endeavor: Our seminar is more than just a learning session; it's about building a community. We aim to foster a nurturing environment where professionals can collaboratively delve into the latest breakthroughs and developments in AI. Guest Speakers: Occasionally, we invite esteemed speakers who have made significant contributions to specific AI topics. Their insights add a valuable dimension to our understanding. Comfort and Networking: To make the experience more enjoyable, we serve food and refreshments. It's a great opportunity to network and discuss AI in a relaxed setting. Learning Beyond the Seminar: Missed a session or want to revisit the discussion? Our Learning Portal has got you covered with session recordings and summaries. It's a great resource to keep your knowledge fresh and updated. Test Your Understanding: After each session, we create a quiz related to the topic. This is an excellent tool for you to gauge your understanding and reinforce your learning. Join us at SupportVectors AI Lab's Weekly Seminar to deepen your AI knowledge, engage with fellow professionals, and be a part of a thriving learning community. We can't wait to see you there!

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